About Us

MGS Security is a Fully Bonded, Full Service Ottawa security company.

We specialize in security systems from home burglar alarms to complex Access Control Systems and Video Surveillance.

Our company has extensive experience installing alarm systems in homes. We’re also proud to have been chosen to install security systems by many schools, long term care residences, art galleries and other businesses.

What does unparalleled service really mean?

Sometimes the words “great customer service” or “unparalleled service” mean different things to customers versus service providers. Based on our 17 years of experience, our customers have helped us define what great customer service means: Value and Expertise.


Security consultants and installers are fully trained, experienced and highly qualified

Our customized security packages are priced competitively

We install security decals and lawn signs – which act as a deterrent

MGS Security bonuses:

Same day service when the system is not working.

This means that your security system will be up and working the same day you report it

Two hour window on appointments with a 1/2 hour advance courtesy call.

This means you do not have to take a whole day off work waiting around at home, not knowing when the alarm service technician will arrive.

Technical Expertise

MGS Security consultants and installers have a wealth of technical expertise and experience installing security systems from home alarms to complex internet streaming video surveillance and access control systems.

Our installers will set up the system for you, test it with your help and train you on how to make changes to your system.

Thoughtful Extras

Fully Bonded. You can trust us with your home or business because we are fully insured.

Full warranty. This means if anything goes wrong with your security system, we will fix it at no added cost.

You can lease or own your security system. We offer both options. In terms of finances when you own the system you pay a lump sum up front and then low monthly fees to cover the service that monitors your security system. When you lease the security system from us, there is no lump sum paid when the system is installed, instead you pay a slightly higher fee each month that covers the monitoring costs and the leasing fee.

We can help with the changes. Often once a security system is installed, the manual is tucked away in a safe spot and you don’t need any changes to codes etc. But what if you have friends stay at your house for a weekend when you’re out of town and you want a special pass code for them. You could pull out the manual or you can email us your request. Since this would be a programming change we can do it remotely and in a timely fashion.

Local Monitoring

This means that the person on the other end of the phone line is in Ottawa.

We use DSC security systems because we’ve learned through experience that DSC security systems are of the highest quality and the most reliable.

We are proud members of the Canadian Security Association (CANASA). CANASA advocates, educates and provides leadership to its members in a self-regulated environment of Canadian Security Professionals.

We Proudly Support: