Home Security Systems

Thinking about a security system for your home?

Do you have friends, colleagues or even neighbours who have had their home broken into and their possessions stolen?

Well, we at MGS Security systems help people prevent that. We design, install and monitor security systems for homes just like yours. Our team of security consultants, installers and service technicians are well trained with courses, on the job training and years of experience. We’re committed to providing you with excellent service and attention to detail.

You’re not paranoid – just prepared

When you think about a home security system, you know you’re not paranoid or overly pessimistic – just realistic. Your home contains so many of the things you value – family, pets, and possessions. A monitored security system protects you while you’re sleeping at night or away on business or pleasure. If an intruder tries to enter your house, a siren will sound to scare them away and the security system sends a signal to the monitoring centre who will call, initiating emergency response procedures.

What MGS Security has for you

We install high quality, state-of-the-art security equipment from leading manufacturers only – from keypads, to control systems, to motion detectors and more. In our experience lower quality equipment generates technical problems you don’t want.

When your system is installed we’ll show you how to use it – the basics and the extras to help you integrate the security system smoothly into your lifestyle.

We offer same day service when the system is not working. This means that your security system will be up and working the same day you report that it!

When we make an appointment we give you a two hour window with a 1/2 hour advance courtesy call. This means you don’t have to take a whole day off work waiting around at home, not knowing when the alarm service technician will arrive.

Ever heard of a full warranty? This means if anything goes wrong with your security system, we will fix it – at no charge!

When the power goes out – your security system is still working hard for you because we install a battery backup in the control panel.

We offer choice! Do you want to lease or own your security system? We offer both options. In terms of finances when you own the system you pay a lump sum up front and then low monthly fees to cover the service that monitors your security system.

When you lease the security system from us, there is no lump sum paid when the system is installed. Instead you pay a slightly higher fee each month that covers the monitoring costs and the leasing fee.

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